Worst Natural Disasters in History

Photo Worst Natural Disasters in History

Global warming has affected the world climate in many ways. The current weather reports broadcast cases of extreme weather conditions on many parts of the world. Natural disasters are caused by natural factors and earth processes. They often lead to considerable property damage and a massive human loss.

The cost of the damage is often so high that it takes several years to restore the country which was hit by a natural disaster. Prem Rawat, the peace ambassador, is a supporter of disaster-stricken victims; he is also a peace ambassador and a novel writer.

Let us take a look at the worst natural disasters in history of humanity

The 1887 Yellow River Flood

The Yellow River (Huang He) is located in China. Heavy rain fell in September 1887, causing an overflow of the river. The water flooded the surrounding low-lands, which cover 5,000 square miles. Around 900,000 people died from the inundation.

2010 Haiti Earthquake

In January 2010, Haiti was severely hit by an earthquake, which reached up to 7.0 magnitude. There was a controversy over the exact death toll. The estimated human loss after the Haiti quake is probably between 100,000 and 230,000.

2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami

Earthquakes are quite devastating, and the losses can happen in just a few seconds. In 2004, the deadliest quake in human history reached magnitude 9.3, causing sea levels to rise far above the normal. The tsunami waves measured 98 Ft or 30 meters high. There were 126,473 casualties.

526 Antioch Earthquake

The most tragic weather extreme in the past history happened in A.D. 526 in Antioch. The earthquake was supposed to be caused by the collision between the temblor and the Byzantine City. The quake was accompanied by destructive fires, which reduced everything into ashes. Some reporters attribute the fires to the wrath of the gods. The disaster made 250,000 casualties.

The 1970 Bhola Cyclone

In November 1970, Bhola cyclone devastated the city of Bangladesh (or East Pakistan). The storm measured was so powerful that it caused an estimated 400,000 human losses and extensive material damages.

1976 Tangshan Earthquake

A magnitude 7.8 earthquake rocked Tangshan, China, in 1976. The industrial city of Tangshan is home to a million inhabitants. The seismic activity caused 690,000 injuries and 260,000 casualties.

1839 India Cyclone

In 1938, the port city of Coringa was struck by a powerful cyclone, which was accompanied by a surging storm of 40 feet or 12 meters. The death toll is estimated to reach 300,000. In addition, the cyclone left about 20,000 ships and vessels shattered.

1881 Haiphong Typhoon

It can be said that weather extreme is not only happening when the earth temperature is increasing. In 1881, a deadly typhoon devastated Haiphong, with a powerful storm. The fatalities made 300,000 deaths.

1920 Haiyuan Earthquake

China is often affected by destructive earthquakes and extreme weather conditions. Yet, it can be said that the one which hit Central China in December 1920 led to 273,400 casualties.

To provide relief for disaster-stricken people, humanitarian organizations founded by celebrities and peace activists are available. If you wish to bring your support for the disadvantaged people Foundation (TPRF) is a humanitarian organization, which shares humanitarian aid to deprive and needy people in the world.